QSS Services

Quintessential Surveillance Services

QSS Inspection And Testing Private Limited provides various types of services to Agriculture & Mineral based customers.

We provide Supervision, Inspection, Testing, Process monitoring, Quality Control at site, Insurance, Management and Auditing Services for the Customers across the various stages of the supply chain based on their needs and wants through a team of highly specialized, experienced individuals. Over a period, the nature and number of such services have grown considerably covering both traditional and non-traditional services.

  1. Minerals

    Inspection services like Sampling, Weighment, Loading & Unloading supervision of Vessel/Rakes/Trucks/Wagons, Draft Survey, Stock Monitoring, etc. & issue our Certificate for Quality & Quantity for product groups like Energy Minerals, Ores & Earth Minerals, Salt, Fertilizer, Mill Scale, etc.

    • Energy Minerals - Coal, Coke, Lignite & Briquettes.
      • Testing Details – Size, Proximate, Calorific Value, Bulk Density, TML
    • Ores & Earth Minerals –Bentonite, Bauxite, Clays, Iron ores, Laterite, Manganese ores, Limestone, Dolomite, etc.
      • Testing Details – Chemical Analyses (Moisture, LOI, SiO2, ALlO3, TiO2, Fe2O3, CaO, MgO, Na2O, K2O, S, P, etc.), Size analysis, Physical Analysis, Transportable Moisture Limit (TML), Bulk Density
    • Salt – Common Salt, Iodized Salt, Iron Fortified Salt, Low Sodium Salt
      • Testing Details – Chemical Analysis (Moisture, NaCl, KCl, Ca, Mg, SO4, 80GPL Hardness, Iodine, Alkalinity, Iron, Heavy Metals), Size Analysis, Bulk Density
    • Fertilizer – Urea, MOP, MAP, DAP, NPK
      • Testing Details – Moisture, Nitrogen, Phosphours, Potassium, Sodium Chloride
    • Mill Scale
      • Testing Details – LOI, T.Fe, SiO2, Al2O3, S, P, Size, TML
  2. Agriculture Produce & Products

    Procurement Supervision, Weighing and weight control for cargo, Systematic Sampling of cargo, Process control/monitoring at plant, Laboratory Services at plant, Supervision during commissioning of plant, Material balancing, Insurance Survey, Draught Survey (Initial & Final), Break Bulk Survey, Laboratory Testing and Certification, Inspection of cleanliness and load worthiness of vessel hatch, hold and containers, Loading and Discharge Supervision of bulk and container cargo, Rake Loading and Unloading, Provision of Photographic Evidence across various stages as required, Damage Surveys, Plant Monitoring, Warehouse Management & Inspection, Auditing for Quality Management Systems. We inspect, Test & issue Quality & Quantity Certificates for product groups like Animal Feeds, Foodgrains, Oilseeds, Spices, Oils & Fats, etc.

    • Animal Food & Feeds – Soyabean Meal, Rapeseed Meal, Cotton Seed Cake, Castor Seed Meal, Guar Korma, etc.
      • Testing Details – Moisture, Protein, Sand/Silica, Oil, Fibre, Urease Activity, Self-Heating Test
    • Agricultural Products – Foodgrains (Chickpeas, Wheat, Rice, Jowar, Bajra, Maize, etc.), Oilseeds (Sesame, Groundnut, Soya, Sunflower, Castor, etc.), Spices (Cumin, Fennel, Fenugreek, Turmeric, Chilli, Coriander, etc.), Oils (Groundnut, Soya, Rapeseed, Ricebran, etc.), Sugar
      • Testing Details – Moisture, Refractions, Ash, Density, Length, Curcumin, Gluten, FFA, Iodine Value, Peroxide Value, Safonification Value, Lovibond Color, Pesticide Residue, Ocratoxin, Aflatoxin, SHU, Oil Content, Refractive Index, Polarisation, ICUMSA Color
  3. Marine Survey
    - Draught Survey
    • Initial and Final Draught Survey
    • Interim Draught Survey (As and when required)
    • Assessment of Quantity loaded / discharged based on Vessel Draught readings, observed Density, Fuel quantity, etc and the declared data provided by the vessel.
    - Conditional Survey
    - Hatch Inspection
  4. Bunker Survey - We have well experienced team to take up all kinds of Marine, Bunker, On Hire/Off Hire Surveys.
    • We have tie-up with Captain for Marine & P & I Survey jobs & Chief Engineer for Marine & Condition Survey jobs.
  5. Laboratory Services – Our Laboratories are based at Vashi, Mumbai, Gandhidham, Indore, Vishakhapatnam, Unjha
    • Agri Testing Services – Facilities for General testing of Agri Commodities are available at our Gandhidham, Indore & Unjha. Whereas, We have high-tech instruments like GC, HPLC, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, ELISA, GC-MS MS, LC-MS MS at our Vashi, Navi Mumbai Laboratory.
    • Mineral Testing Services – Wet Chemical Analysis of Minerals & Ores are performed at Our Gandhidham Laboratory. Facilities of testing Energy Minerals like Coal, Coke, Fuel Oil, Petcoke are available at Gandhidham & Vishakhapatnam Laboratories.
    • Water Testing Services – Gandhidham & Vashi Laboratories are capable for performing Water Testing as per National & International Standards
  6. Projects - We are taking up various project jobs at Plants as well as Ports. Current Activities:
    • Varrsana Ispat - We have been providing complete plant monitoring services viz., Supervision of Raw material Receiving, Weighing, Production of various steel products & dispatch of Finished Goods, etc. to M/s.Varrsana Ispat Ltd., Varsana in Kutch Dist, Gujarat since 2006.
    • GHCL Plant - We are associated with M/s. Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd. And attending Supervision of truck loading of their Chemical Products (in bags) at their Sutrapada Plant in Gujarat since 2014.
    • GCACL Plant - We have been providing Sampling during Truck Unloading & Sample Preparation Services at Gujarat Credo Alumina Chemicals Ltd (GCACL) for Bauxite since 2021.
    • Other Projects - We have been providing Wagon Cleanliness Inspection, Sampling / Analysis of Salt prior Rake Loading at various Sites in Gujarat on behalf of M/s. Grasim Industries Ltd., and M/s. DCM – Shriram Alkali Ltd.
  7. Stock Assessment

    We conduct periodical and on demand Stock Assessment of Coal, Coke and other Bulk Materials using Total Station and or 3D Laser Scanner (Optional) at various ports, plants & Stock yards, which are helpful in reconciliation of Books and for Insurance Claims (if any).

  8. Insurance Survey

    We conduct periodical and on demand Stock Assessment of Coal, Coke and other Bulk Materials using Total Station and or 3D Laser Scanner (Optional) at various ports, plants & Stock yards, which are helpful in reconciliation of Books and for Insurance Claims (if any). - We have tie up with IRDA approved Surveyor for taking up the Insurance related Survey Jobs.